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About us

SBK in Action

Stockholm´s Archery Club / Stockholms Bågskjutningsklubb

About the Club

We are the oldest archery club in Northern Europe, founded in 1928 and located in Stockholm, Sweden. We have about 200 members and cater to all abilities and different styles of archery, including:

Barebow, Recurve, Compound, Instinctive and Longbow.

We are affiliated with World Archery, and therefore not able to cater to crossbow archers.

We have a mix of male and female archers ranging from beginners to more experienced archers, some of which hold international records for various bow styles and age divisions. Other members just want to shoot socially. It is entirely up to you as to how far you would like to take your archery.

Contact us
Should you have any questions about our Club or if you're interested in joining us, please contact us at: This is a mailto link



The Come & Try program consists of a two hour session, starting with a short theory and safety information. Then we shoot, shoot and shoot. The price is 400 SEK (all ages) and the minimum age to attend is 10 years. We can also provide sessions in smaller groups if there are archers with special needs to be considered.

Our venues
Outdoor Season (April-September)
During the summer period we are located outdoors at Ryttarstadion at Stockholms Stadium/Stadion.
We have a short target course at 18 metres as well as one for longer distances between 30-70 metres. In addition we have a cooperation with an affiliated club, Danapilen, where we also have access to a forest course for field archery with 12 marked targets.

Indoor Season (October-March)
During the indoor season we are situated at Högdalshallen in Högdalen, southern suburb of Stockholm where we shoot at 12 and 18 metres. 

Disabled access
Both our ranges are wheelchair friendly. The toilet facilities vary.

  • If you are new to archery and haven't shot before, you are required to first attend a Come & Try session (normally April & August) and to follow up with our Beginners Course.
  • Experienced archers may join at any time of the year.
  • If you have completed a beginners course in the past but not shot much since, please contact us so we can determine if further sessions are needed. 

The annual membership fee is 1500 SEK (750 SEK for members up to 21 years). Beginners who start during the year pay less.

Beginners Courses
We run series of Basic Archery Training Courses. To join them, you must be a paying member. The course is then free of charge.

As a member, you can borrow all the equipment you need to get started. We recommend that you don't buy your own equipment at first since the needs, bow weight and preferences changes quickly in the beginning. When you have decided that you do want to buy your own equipment, take advise from our coaches - they are experienced and can give you advice in which equipment will best suit both you and your budget.

We do not use crossbows in our club.
We do not shoot bows with draw-weight exceeding 60#
We do not wear camouflage gear.
We certainly do not consume any kind of alcoholic beverages in connection with training.

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Stockholms BK - Bågskytte
c/o Priklonsky, Öregrundsgatan 7
11559 Stockholm

Tel: [saknas] Information
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